Get to Know the Global Sevilla Values as International School Di Jakarta

It is essential to choose the best education for children. But sometimes, the school only teaches to gain the goals in academics and the character has less attention. However, it is different when choosing Global Sevilla as an international school di Jakarta. This school has numerous values and programs that implement character building. What are the benefits? Here is the answer.

The Benefits of Engaging School Values for Students

1. Students Have the Potential to Develop Their Ability

As an International school, Global Sevilla provides a great program to build students’ characteristics, namely character building. Character building also has the benefit to lead the students based on their ability. The student will be able to figure out their skills, including their interest, strength, weakness, ability, and knowledge from the curriculum.
The student will learn about their new potential abilities to regulate their thought, behavior, and emotions when facing some problems. They will learn how to maintain and find out the way to resolve the problem. Thus, to apply this idea the teacher in this international school di Jakarta also helps the students and leads them to learn better in characters and academics.

2. Positive Attitude Affected to Good Academic Result

Character building programs in Global Sevilla can lead the students to have excellent academics. It is proof by numerous programs that this institution. This international school focuses on character building because it makes the students control their stress, anxiety, and get the best result on academic.

3. The Students can Develop Well-Being Characteristics

Global Sevilla focuses on character building to make the students have well-being characteristics. To apply this idea, this school provides numerous programs. But all of the programs have one purpose to create positive mental attitudes. With this in mind, Global Sevilla provides the academic starting from kindergarten, primary, to secondary levels.

The young learner in kindergarten international school di Jakarta is expected to advance well-being characteristics through fun and educational activities. At the primary level for 3 to 12 years old, the focus that is used is on active inquiry-based learning. Then, the secondary level tends to learn by project and research-based learning through research, internship, community service, etc.

Global Sevilla is one of the best institutions that focuses on character building for their approach. This idea can give some beneficial results for students, not only on academics but also in the well-being attitudes. For these reasons, this international school is a great choice for children to have both good academic results and characteristics.

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